June Updates


Why is renewal important to consumers?

Licensed real estate brokers and firms who do not renew their licenses by June 30th , will have expired licenses on July 1st. This means that they are no longer licensed to practice real estate and must cease all brokerage activities immediately. So, if a consumer has an agency agreement with a firm that goes inactive, the agency agreement will no longer be enforceable, as the broker can no longer represent the consumer. 

NCREC releases, “Careers in Real Estate: An Inside Look”

As a part of an initiative to reach consumers with information about real estate related careers and how to get started with obtaining a real estate license, NCREC created this video.  “Careers in Real Estate: An Inside Look”.  Viewers will receive an inside look at several real estate and related career opportunities, from home inspectors and attorneys to appraisers and property managers. Visit our YouTube channel to watch this video and many other new resources that have been created for consumers and brokers.

You are invited!

The monthly Real Estate Commission meetings are always open to the public, and you are invited to attend in person or online via Zoom.  The next meeting is July 17th at the Commission building, 1313 Navaho Drive, Raleigh, NC.  A Zoom link will be available at ncrec.gov on the day of the meeting.