March Division Highlights #2


Real Estate Manual Update

Every 2 to 3 years the Real Estate Manual is revised and updated per the latest law, rule and practice changes.  The newest revision of the Real Estate Manual is now available through an online subscription under the Publications tab on our website.  Or, order a print copy in late April.

Property Check/Fraud Alert Available At Many County Register of Deeds Websites

In North Carolina, 60 county Register of Deeds websites have a property notification alert service where you can enter your information, and be alerted if any documents are recorded regarding your property.  Due to increasing instances of deed fraud and fake seller scams, it is highly recommended that you sign up for this free service if available in your county.  They are named differently depending on the county, including Fraud Alert, Property Check and Property Notification, but they all serve the same purpose of sending you an email notice of a newly recorded document.  For more information about deed fraud and actions to take if you become a victim, read this consumer article on our website.  

You are invited!

The monthly Real Estate Commission meetings are always open to the public, and you are invited to attend in person or online via Zoom.  The meeting next month is April 19th in Edenton at the Historic 1767 Chowan County Courthouse.  A Zoom link will be available at on the day of the meeting.