Publications – New and Updated


The Commission has published a new Questions and Answers brochure, “N.C. Military Personnel Residential Lease Termination” and updated its Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules book.

The new brochure is free and focuses on questions regarding the rights of members of the U.S. Armed Services to terminate a lease contract under North Carolina and/or Federal law. It is part of an outreach program undertaken by the Commission to inform service members of these rights. Orders for the publication may be placed online using the order form for free publications linked from the Publications page of the Commission Web site or by printing and mailing or faxing the order form for free publications.

Updated to include all current law and rule changes, the July 2013 edition of the Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules is available for purchase online at $3 each using the order form for purchased publications. Its 116 pages include the Real Estate License Law, Commission Rules and the Commentary on the License Law and Commission Rules., The Commentary is provided to assist real estate licensees, prelicensing course students and others in understanding the law and the rules.