Commission Receives ARELLO Awards


Education Award:

Issues & Answers in North Carolina Real Estate Practice

This new course is a review of selected issues in real estate brokerage practice which often result in violations of the License Law. Brokers who have violated the License Law or Commission Rules are helped to avoid problems in the future by taking this course. It is taught by individuals from the Commission’s Regulatory Affairs Division and covers information directly related to the brokers’ conduct. Commission staff created the course by evaluating complaints filed during the previous year. They identified fifteen categories of the most commonly disciplined offenses. Stand-alone modules were developed in each topic area to allow the customization of each course offered depending on the participants’. The hope is that teaching brokers the laws and rules in a positive setting and establishing relationships outside of the disciplinary process can help brokers avoid repeating the same mistakes and instead, better serve consumers.

Communication Award:


The goals of the redesigned website were to streamline the user experience and create a site that was both responsive and mobile friendly. The site’s design allows it to adapt to any size screen and be viewed on any device. The entire navigation system was redesigned to provide a more consistent feel across all aspects of the site allowing quick access to the most often requested information. The results of the newly designed site include faster loading, adaptation to any size device, a visually appealing experience, improved navigation and search functions, and a newsletter article search function. Google Analytics service is used to track the performance of the site and its content allowing staff to see the number of users and the content that most interests them. This will allow the development of new features to better serve licensees and the public.