May Division Highlights


Renewal is Open

The renewal portal for real estate licenses is now open at NCREC.  All broker, firm and LNCL licenses must be renewed no later than 11:59 PM on June 30th.  On the home page of the Commission’s website, choose the Licensing tab and scroll down to Licensee Login or Firm Login to renew.  Once you have logged in, click the link “Renew Your License” and follow the instructions.

Cemetery and Grave Disclosures

Consumers and brokers have contacted NCREC with questions about required disclosures concerning graves on properties.  Graves on private property, including graves with only urns, may have an easement so that future family descendants can visit them.  There are rights that family members may have to enter the property to visit the gravesite, with or without the consent of the property owner.  Graves should be on a survey and marked by GIS in the county.  Graves can be removed, but it is a difficult process and county ordinances must be followed.  For these reasons, graves are a material fact that an NC broker should discover and disclose to any interested party to the transaction.  View North Carolina GS Chapter 65 for more information on NC laws regarding cemeteries.

You are invited!

The monthly Real Estate Commission meetings are always open to the public, and you are invited to attend in person or online via Zoom.  The meeting this month is tomorrow May 17th here at the Commission building.  A Zoom link will be available at on the day of the meeting.